About the Company

Who we are? & Why we are?

Vidhya Management Services Pvt ltd.is a progressive edu-tech startup by a team of young and passionate IIT & IIM alumni. The company is driven by the objective of digitalization of Indian Education sector which is still not much changed even after the revolution in the almost all aspects of life due to digitalization.

Vidhya Management services strives to ease the life of educational institutions, students & parents by developing smart solutions for improving efficiency and streamlining operation of educational institutes in India.

Nysa Has a proven track record of providing reliable training and consultation services and examination process & assessment solutions.

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What we think

The Company's sister concern


Nysa Communication Pvt. ltd is an established organisation. It has an experience of more than 15+ years in the field of ICT, e-governance and education.


Nysa boast of a reputed clientele that consists of prestigious educational institutions, Govt. undertakings, corporate entities, national universities, state & national education board, colleges and institutions.

Our Team Members

Puneet Kumar

Director, Nysa Communications Pvt Ltd

Puneet Kumar is a young visionary with fresh business edupreneurial approach who has a very progressive understanding of any business that he undertakes.

Ashish Mittal

CEO, Vidhya Managemant Pvt ltd

Ashish Mittal Equipped with over 10 years of global experience of education management and IT infra management in Education Vertical.

Yadwinder Singh Mittal

COO, Vidhya Managemant Pvt ltd

Yadwinder Mittal Comes with 12+ years of experience in IT, Education and Business Management, with an eye for financial detailing.

Rajiv Gupta